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Über Mich

und warum ich meine Arbeit liebe!

About Me

and why I love my job!

Some information about me

My name is Stefanie Fitzgerald. I am a native German speaker and I have been working as an organizer and provider for German Language Training for over 20 years - and I love it!

I speak English, French and Spanish, and graduated with a Master of Arts in "Modern Philologies" from Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University in Frankfurt/ Main.

I also qualified as a Language Trainer in various teaching methods before working for several language institutes.

Here is a link to my page with more details of my Experience.

For the past 15 years, I have been living in the Taunus area with my husband and our three children, exclusively working as a self-employed Language Trainer.

My work

My special focus is my expat program - which includes:

  • Tuition in Business German for expat Corporate Managers
  • 'Survival' German, cultural training and coaching for their families

As an extra service, I regularly offer excursions to interesting sights in the Taunus area - which is fun and helps in getting to know more of the country and also in using German outside class.

My students come from all over the world and from various working areas, but mostly from the fields of:

  • Diplomacy
  • Banking and the Financial Industry
  • Consultancy
  • Telecommunication
  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Journalism
  • Education

And a large amount of them are strong and interesting expat homemakers who have taken on the challenges of:

  • Making a new home for their families
  • Living in a foreign culture
  • Raising their kids in a foreign land
  • Re-starting their social life from scratch

And why I love my job!

I love my job firstly because of the fascinating people I meet and - if I am lucky - come to know on a more personal level.

Also, it is always interesting, challenging and fun for me to find suitable and interesting ways to help people learn my native language.

And when I get to see how their new skill in communicating in German helps my students to achieve what they want in business or in life, that is an extra bonus for me.